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In fact, the word "app store" has been around for a long time - since you have a mobile phone, you can turn out the "app store" in the menu of the mobile phone. But it wasn't until the emergence of the Apple App Store that the "App Store" really took center stage.


The main function of the mobile software store is to provide mobile software and game downloads, also known as the mobile application store. Among them, Apple users can download in the Apple App Store App store. In China, Android phones are still in power, and various application stores are dazzling. However, in general, the current mobile phone application market is divided into three camps: platforms supported by Internet giants, mobile phone hardware manufacturers, and third-party platforms, so the current pattern can be compared to a "three-legged" situation.

手机软件商店主要功能是提供手机软件和游戏下载,又叫手机应用商店。其中,苹果用户可以在苹果应用商店 App store 进行下载。而在国内,还是安卓手机当道,各种应用商店令人眼花缭乱。不过总的来说,现手机应用市场分成三个阵营:互联网巨头扶植的平台、手机硬件厂商、第三方平台,所以当前的格局可以比喻成“三足鼎立”之势。

At present, the app store mainly includes the App store of the Apple system and the app store of the Android system. The major domestic app stores are all app stores based on ordinary applications under the Android system, mainly including Google play, Kuan, Wandoujia, and Xiaomi app stores.

应用商店目前主要有苹果系统的App store和安卓系统的应用商店,国内各大应用商店都是基于安卓系统下普通应用类的应用商店,主要有Google play、酷安、豌豆荚、小米应用商店。

1、Google play

Google Play - the original Android app store - Google's official app store.

Google Play-原生态的安卓应用商店----谷歌官方应用商店。

This is the gathering place of many resources all over the world. The applications listed here should be the most comprehensive and all genuine applications. Most mobile applications are either the Play Store or the Apple App Store. It's official. Moreover, Google's review is extremely strict, so the resources are relatively high-quality, and there will be no viruses, rogue bundles, etc. that make you tired.

这里是全世界许多资源的聚集地,在这上架的应用应该是最全面的,都是正版应用。大部分手机应用,不是Play商店首发,就是苹果App Store首发。可见其官方性。而且,谷歌审核的极为严格,所以资源也是比较优质的,不会出现病毒,流氓捆绑等让你烦透的内容。

2、Ku An 


The Ku An mobile app store is mostly people who can tinker with mobile phones, there are many great gods, whether it is an unpopular or popular application, it has almost all included, you can download the old version of the application, the most important thing is that various xp modules are also here. It can be found that the cool market has been slowly transforming and developing into a forum, but there is no software in other software markets.




Wandoujia is a mobile application store with a long history. If you like the downloaded software you can find records, you don’t need to search again, but the main thing is that Wandoujia has clear classification, simple interface and simple operation.


Wandoujia also has an extension APP, you can view news, videos and other content online, and it has wifi offline download, which is very convenient.

豌豆荚还有一个扩展APP,可以在线查看新闻,视频等内容,具有 wifi离线下载,很方便。

4、Xiaomi App Store


The content of the Xiaomi app store is relatively not very comprehensive, but it can be seamlessly connected with Baidu apps and Wandoujia apps, which can make up for the deficiencies, and its Android apps and games, each app has undergone automatic testing, security scanning, and manual review. Three inspections, safe and reliable. Compared with some mobile application software, it is still more conscientious, and a lot of piracy and advertisements have been removed.


CPD (Cost per Download) means pay per download, which is charged according to the actual download volume. The cost is quantifiable and controllable, and it is an efficient and convenient paid cooperation model provided by the app store for mobile applications and mobile games. The cooperation location is on the homepage boutique and category boutique, top picture banner, ranking list, search results page, nine grids at the bottom of the video homepage, video homepage banner, video detail page banner, calendar homepage small banner, news homepage fourth and article Page. All locations support CPD promotion,

CPD(Cost per Download)即按下载付费,根据实际下载量收费。成本可量化、可控制,是应用商店为移动应用和移动游戏提供的高效、便捷的付费合作模式。合作位置在应用商店的首页精品和分类精品、顶图banner、排行榜、搜索结果页,视频首页底部九宫格,视频首页banner,视频详情页banner,日历首页小banner,新闻资讯首页第四位和文章页,所有位置支持CPD推广.

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